Saturday, July 28, 2012

Spyderco Ambitious

This knife, the Ambitious, is the smallest in the Chinese made series of knives put out by Spyderco.  Here are it's specs:

length overall5.812 " (148 mm)blade length2.25 " (57 mm)blade steel8Cr13MoV
length closed3.594 " (91 mm)cutting edge2.25 " (57 mm)weight3 oz. (85 g)
blade thickness.125 " (3 mm)handle materialG-10

This knife is part of their Value Folder line and cost $30CAD from eBay.  For a cheap folder it uses some decent steel(8Cr13MoV), which from other reviews takes a sharp edge quite easily.  Downsides is that it lacks a bit in edge retention and is a bit prone to rusting.  Handle material is G-10 which I quite like, as it is quite grippy and durable without being overly aggressive where it wants to shred pants.  It has three bigger brothers, in order of size going up, they are the Persistence, Tenacious, and the Resilience.  I like this knife for EDC as it just slips into a pocket or clips into the watch pocket of a pair jeans.  This little guy is up for any edc task you might require of it, whether it's opening boxes or doing a bit of food prep at a camp site.  It's not really suitable for a self defense role, but if pushed into service it would be better then having nothing at all.

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