Sunday, July 22, 2012

Newcomer to the flashlight and edc reviewing world.

     My intention in creating this blog is to write about and review EDC gear such as knives, guns and flashlights. I've been collecting led flashlights since they first starting appearing in abundance in early 2000.  I saw that this was going to be the future of lighting and I wanted to be at the forefront of this new advancement in technology.  I've always been interested in technology and flashlights, so this was a perfect blend of my interests.  I also enjoy collecting a variety of knives and firearms, as well as watches and other miscellaneous edc gear.

     I will attempt to talk about these different things, as well as posting pictures and the occasional video discussing them.  I've approached a newcomer to the led lighting field called Niteye.  They are actually an OEM manufacturer for many other established brands, but this is their first foray into the market with their own branded product.  They've agreed to send me a couple samples of their new lights for review.  These lights will be the EYE30 and the newly released EYE40.

     I will put forth a layman's perspective and a real world use review without getting too technical.  Once I receive the lights I will use them for a period of time then document my findings.  I will also post to this blog, as well to a Niteyelight Facebook page that I have created.  Any videos I make will be posted to my YouTube channel and linked here as well as to the Niteyelight page.

     Stay tuned for my forth coming reviews....

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