Sunday, July 22, 2012

DX Steel Snake Manual-Release Folding Knife

     I just received a new knife from a website many of you enthusiasts are probably already aware of.  It's from a site called DX.  This is actually the first knife I've received from them as I was kind of leery of their knife quality.  I'd been a frequent purchaser of their flashlights and other assorted trinkets, but after seeing how cheaply priced their knives were and reading several positive reviews of one knife in particular I decided to take the plunge.  The knife up for review is called the Steel Snake Manual-Release Folding Knife.  LINK

     First off this is quite a large knife measuring 12.5 cm closed and 21.5 cm open with a blade length of  9 cm.  It is a liner locking knife with a black finish all over which is probably just paint, but appears to be fairly durable.  The description states that this knife is a manual release, but my sample is actually assisted opening as many of the reviews stated.  The knife can be opened with the thumb stud or with the flipper.  Opening is effortless and quick and feels excellent to grip.  There is jimping on the top of the blade to provide extra purchase.  The snake like scales on the handle provide a good grip as well as looking cool.  The clip on the back rides quite high and conceals the knife in the pocket nicely as well as being fairly tight.

     The knife is labelled as a Boker but I'm sure that it's a counterfeit.  It only cost $9.99 CAD but it feels and looks more expensive.  I'm not really sure what blade steel it has, but it came plenty sharp and hopefully it'll be easy to resharpen.  Overall I'd definitely recommend this knife for someone looking for a cheap but very functional knock around knife.

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